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*Do we accept credit cards?

Yes we do for a small 3.5% Fee. We accept all major credit cards and Apple pay/Samsung Pay on site.

*How many photos can we take?
An unlimited amount!! Guests may return as many times as they wish and are not limited to a set number of photographs while inside.

*When can we get our pictures?
Almost instantly! Once your session is completed, your prints will be available within about 13 seconds.

*Can we be set up outdoors?
Yes,  as long as there is overhead shelter and sufficient protection from the elements.

*What kind of power is needed ?
We require 110v three pronged electrical outlet.

*What kind of professional equipment do we use?
We use only state of the art 18 megapixel Canon DSLR camera and professional dye-subliminal photo printers.

*What time do we arrive at the event?
We will arrive approximately 60 minutes prior to the PHOTO BOOTH START time.

*What is needed to reserve Instant Memories for your event?
A signed Service Agreement along with a small deposit. 

Give us a call at 4078186777 or send us an email to schedule your free event consultation. Appointments are available.