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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding


If you have ever been at an event without entertainment not that your wedding could ever be boring, But it’s important to keep your guest Entertained at weddings.Capturing serious, silly, and candid moments is what Instant Memories does best! So don’t let your special event go by without having a unique way to get your guest on their feet creating memories! 

Joushu Tells us That Our

 “Photo booth was the highlight of the wedding!!! you guys did an amazing job. Thank You again!”


There is never enough ways to preserve the day. Yes, you will have a photographer and people will take their own pictures of the day, but the photo booth pictures are Unique.You still get an instant photograph to keep and share. This way, people have something right away, they can have in their wallet, put up on their wall or tuck in their dresser mirror.

Rebbeca Tells Us That

 “Love the service and the quality of the photos, props and backdrops! This was a fun activity for our friends and guests! It was a hit and I recommend them to all!”

3. Fill Some Time With Fun.

The dinner is over, the room is being reset, the band is setting up or playing to an empty dance floor; you’ve snuck away for some newlywed photos with your photographer and with a photo booth, your guests are entertained!

At weddings, without the photo booth, there would have been some time to fill. Guests being guests will naturally start to drift outside for a smoke, fresh air, or to stretch their legs after a 3-course meal. The photo booth not only fills the gaps in between changes and other happenings, it keeps the guests in the party vibe.

Marquis Tells Us That

“Instant memories was a huge hit at our wedding! Jose did an amazing job with the setup . My husband and I rented the cube and it was totally worth it. I would highly recommend them 😉

4. For All Ages

Photo Booths are irresistible for All Ages. Where Your a little one that can run circles around the dining room. Or your at the age that you might need your family’s assistance to enter the booth. Our Booths are definitely for you! 

Andrea Tells Us That

“Instant Memories was a joy to work with! Our guest had a blast with the photo booth, the props were all in great shape and so much fun!! Thank you!”

5. Bragging Rights

Every Great wedding is talked about, SOoOo Give your GUEST yet another reason to share your wedding with others! Note only will they be able to chat about your big day, but they can share photos of it too.

Freddy Tells Us That

“Instant Memories is the way to go!! Jose and Krystal were very professional and helpful throughout the whole planning process!! Our guests had such a FUN time at our wedding with all the props!! Everything was custom in details from the backdrop to our print outs to match our wedding theme. I really appreciate the hard work they put in to assist so many guests. Iam going to call them back for sure!”

Your Guest Will Love IT!!!

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