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Booth Styles

Escape from the party and walk into the private style booth. Warning: this is not your normal photo booth! If you want everyone to get extra crazy, this one’s for you.

*Fits 10 People at Once!
*LED lighting
*Unique Style PhotoBooth.

Designed to be socially engaging, our open style booth lets everyone in on the fun. Touchscreen operated, it’s a piece of cake to use. Tap the screen, strike a pose and watch your photos print instantly.

*Gold Sequin Backdrop
*Silver Sequin Backdrop
*Champagne Sequin Backdrop
*Cherry Red Sequin Backdrop

*Royal Blue Sequin Backdrop

These beautiful backdrops will make your guest feel like movies stars! We use a special pillow type backdrop system that allows our backdrops to stand out from the rest. See one you like? Add it to your event!

* Only works with Open Air Booth at the moment.